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Our curriculum provides the avenue by which students are led to an understanding of God's world.

Our intent is to open eyes and minds and hearts, not merely to an understanding of the world as described in textbooks, but also to the marvelous plan and design of God's creation.  We help our students to understand the wonderful unity and diversity in a coherent, God-ordained universe.  

Teaching subjects not only molds students into solid citizens and prepares them for successful careers; most importantly, it develops wise and responsible disciples of Jesus Christ.  


Reading, writing, literature, mathematics, social studies, science, Bible, music, and art are all part of the regular academic program.  In addition, there are field trips for all students and several electives for middle school and high school students.

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Curriculum Overview 2024-2025

Lower Elementary (K-2nd)

In our lower elementary, you can expect a nurturing, engaging, and hands-on environment for your little ones. Our students are focused on learning the foundational skills and knowledge that will follow them all the way through school.

Students are focused on laying foundational skills in comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, fluency, and phonemic awareness within the Open Court curriculum.

Our goal in math is to help students become critical thinkers and lifelong problem solvers. Our math curriculum, created by Bob Jones University, provides a strong foundation of number sense and comprehension of the concepts by using an interactive, hands-on-learning approach. We recognize that all order and organization in the world is a gift from God understood through mathematical concepts and encourage our students to apply their critical thinking skills to solve human problems to help sustain God’s creation.

Our Christian Schools International (CSI) science program is steeped in profound biblical perspective that leads students to see God’s hand in everything around them. The program materials are filled with interest-provoking pictures, projects, and hands-on activities that serve as a basis for scientific concepts and relate them to everyday life. These concrete, creative learning experiences based on God’s Word will enrich students’ knowledge of creation, affirm their faith in the Creator, and enable them to use science to the glory of God.

From the creation of the world, God has been at work in the lives of people, families, communities, governments, and history to bring people to Himself. This idea is at the heart of our learning in social studies. First, students learn about our community, our country and then our cultures and continents. We recognize that the history of our world is His Story and help our students see their place in that story and how they can be a witness to the people around us.

Our students get the opportunity to see God’s redemptive hand throughout the whole scope of the Bible and see their place in His Story. We encourage students to journey with God: to learn of him and his ways, to be in constant conversations with him, to accept his offer of Salvation, commit their lives to him, and understand how their daily actions and thoughts are directly impacted by Jesus living in their hearts. 

We believe than an active body lends to an active mind, therefore our Kindergarten through second grade students get three recesses a day to allow them to focus and be productive in the classroom. We also offer music, library, art and individual piano and violin lessons through private on campus teachers. The elementary students also attend a variety of enriching field trips throughout eastern North Carolina. 

Upper Elementary (3rd-6th)

As our students grow and learn and reach their upper elementary years at TCCS, they are more academically challenged and encouraged to develop their God-given skills and abilities. They begin receiving letter grade report cards, taking standardized tests, and reaching deeper into the learning and understanding process. 

Students use the foundational skills they learned in the lower elementary to continue to grow and deepen their understanding of the world around them. They learn that God has given us his world to read and know and that we must be good readers to know Him better. 

Students continue to build their skills in math and see how God’s creative order beautifully defines the concepts they are learning. They see how math can be used to serve the world we live in for God’s glory. There are multiple STEM opportunities intertwined throughout the curriculum and the students move forward with a strong mathematical foundation from year to year.

Our upper elementary students are led thoughtfully and skillfully to see God’s hand in the world around them.  Christian Schools International (CSI) includes how God creates, designs and uses every part of His intricately designed creation. Students are taught through lessons and hands-on experiences to unravel the amazing world around them.

God has sustained and continues to guide the world during periods of ancient history and more recent years.  Through a combination of Christian School International (CSI) and Abeka, students see God’s hand by learning about North America, the United States, Old World History, New World History and Geography.

Our students get the opportunity to see God’s redemptive hand throughout the whole scope of the Bible and see their place in His Story. We encourage students to journey with God: to learn of him and his ways, to be in constant conversations with him, to accept his offer of Salvation, commit their lives to him, and understand how their daily actions and thoughts are directly impacted by Jesus living in their hearts.

Third grade begins the chance for students to join Battle of the Books club. They are still given two recesses per day to keep active and ready to learn. They receive Music, Art, Library and interactive technology use in the classrooms

Middle School (7th-8th)

At Terra Ceia Christian, 7th and 8th grade is considered our middle school. These grades are a stepping stone towards high school. Critical thinking skills must develop and students must understand how their worldview differs from others and why that matters. Several electives are offered to provide students opportunities to pursue unique interests and further develop skills. 

English: Essentials in Writing, Vocabulary & Novel Studies
Math: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I
Science: Life Science, Earth Science
History: Early US History - Columbus to the Civil War (Hillsdale “Land of Hope” Young Readers Edition)
Bible: Old Testament & New Testament (BJU Press)

Co-Curriculars: Keyboarding & Computer/Life Skills

Electives: Art, FFA, Choir, Science Club, Yearbook, Character Development, Teacher Assistant

High School

Our high school completes the full spectrum of academic offerings at our school. Students are provided a rich course of study with a variety of extra-curriculars, honors courses, and college courses starting in their junior year. 

Students are prepared for the responsible use of their abilities, talents and time by further developing their well-defined Christian worldview.

Students will be fully prepared for college with the help of our college guidance, as well as be prepared to enter their chosen vocation. 
A standard course has the potential to earn 4 credit points. Honors courses are available in all core classes for 9th-12th grade students, which makes it possible to earn 4.5 credits for that course.


  • Intro to Lit./Composition
  • World Lit./Composition
  • American Lit./ Composition
  • British Lit./Composition


  • Geometry (Honors Option)
  • Algebra 2 (Honors Option)
  • Pre-Calculus (Honors Option)
  • Calculus/Informal Geometry
  • Consumer Math


  • Biology (Honors Option)
  • Physical Science (Honors Option)
  • Chemistry (Honors Option)
  • Environmental Science (Honors Option)


  • World History (Honors Option)
  • U.S. Government (Honors Option)
  • U.S. History (Honors Option)
  • Political Science & Personal Economics (Honors Option)


  • Old Testament: Promise and Blessing
  • New Testament: Promise and Blessing
  • Christianity and the ISMs & World Religions
  • Apologetics: Understanding the Times

Health: Health/PE

Foreign Language: Spanish I & II

Computers: Computer Applications

Electives: Art, Choir, FFA, Yearbook, Science Club, Teacher's Assistant

Below are the requirements for high school graduation:

    4 years English
    4 years of Mathematics
    4 years of Bible
    3 years of Science
    3 years of History
    2 years of foreign language
    1 computer science application
    5 elective courses
    26 total course credits

National Standards

Terra Ceia Christian School is required to take a nationally normed test to assess the progress of our students. Each spring, the Iowa Assessments testing is administered for students in grades 3 through 9.

In 10th and 11th grade, the PSAT is administered in preparation for a college entrance test such as the SAT and ACT. We are committed to instructional standards because God is glorified when we seek to be excellent as we prepare and equip His children. We stay relevant and current in what we are teaching, so we can prepare God's students for their next level of education, their career, and their life.

We believe TCCS is called to high standards, and national standards help us to organize, achieve, and remain accountable.