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A humble beginning, a steadfast course…

On March 3, 1937, a small group of parents, concerned about Christian education, met in Terra Ceia with the idea to establish a school where their children could receive a formal education based up on the solid foundation of God's Word. They organized themselves into 

"The Terra Ceia Christian Society for Christian Education” 

With an unwavering faith in God, they committed themselves to building a school. In founding Terra Ceia Christian School, they began the legacy of Christian education in eastern North Carolina.

Today the Terra Ceia Christian School Society remains faithful to its commitment. Our purpose is to manifest, especially in the lives of our students, the realities of being a follower of Christ. At its best, Christianity must influence all aspects of life, especially nurturing us in the love of the Lord during the formative years of our youth. Terra Ceia Christian School provides a coeducation, liberal arts, college preparatory education with a Christian perspective for students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. 

Our success is not a result of protest nor a desire to provide an alternative for parents disenchanted with public education. Rather, the traditions of Terra Ceia Christian School affirm parent, not the state, as responsible for directing their children’s education and acknowledge wholeheartedly that God and His Word are the foundation for our lives, our education, and our view of the world in which we live.  To God alone do we give praise and honor for our success and continued ability to provide Christian education in partnership with our families.

To request a copy of our detailed school history please call the office at (252) 943-2485.